From increasing libido to fixing erectile dysfunction, maca root definitely has an effect, especially in the bedroom department. Here’s all you need to know about this natural aphrodisiac.

Although Maca has only recently garnered interest from other parts of the world, Peruvians have been using Maca for medicinal and culinary purposes for thousands of years.

Maca Root: What is Maca?

Maca (pronounced mah-Kah), or maca root, grows only in the mountains of Peru and at very high altitudes. (We are going to get our Maca out of a farm at 18,000 feet!) Due to the severe conditions, it is one of the only things that grow at that height.

The name “maca root” is misleading because it is actually a cruciferous vegetable, which means it is related to kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. 

Maca root, also known as The Peruvian ginseng, grows underground and looks like a turnip or a parsnip. It has a variation of colors, like white, red, (or gold) and black.

Inside, Maca is packed with essential vitamins and minerals (compete with baobab when it comes to vitamin C!) and 20 amino acids—8 of which are needed.

As with other cruciferous vegetables, Maca contains glucosinolates. When chewed, mixed, or chopped, a chemical reaction converts glucosinolates to isothiocyanates (ITCs) known for their anti-cancer effects.

Here are just some of how maca root has been shown to improve health.

It Increases Libido

Are you looking for some kind of sexual healing? Forget about Marvin Gaye; it is all about Maca! One of Maca’s most well-known (and massively marketed) advantages is that it is an aphrodisiac. And science backs up the claim!

Maca can help boodt

According to the 2010 systematic review, two randomized clinical tests suggested that Maca may have a positive effect on sexual dysfunction or sexual desire in menopausal women and adult men after six weeks of ingestion.

Maca seems to be especially powerful for males. In a 2002 study, men who used 1,5-3 grams of Maca experienced an increase in sexual desire compared to those who took a placebo.

It Reduces Erectile Dysfunction

Maca is like a superfood viagra — it reduces erectile dysfunction. In a small 2009 study, researchers administered 2.4 grams of maca extract or placebo to 50 men with mild erectile dysfunction.

After 12 weeks, the individuals who received the maca extract saw a “significant effect” on their sexual activity.

 It Increases Male Fertility

In 2015, researchers provided Maca with 20 male volunteers aged 24-40 years. After taking 1.4 grams of Peruvian penile superfood or placebo every day for 12 weeks, “sperm concentration and motility showed increasing trends.”

Maca can also boost fertility.

Another systematic review of small randomized clinical trials showed similar results that the root maca actually improved semen quality.

It Enhances Your Mood

Looking for a simple way to enhance your mood (in addition to our Chocolate Lover mix)? Maca can help you!

One study showed that maca root reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, especially in postmenopausal women. (The same survey also showed that maca root can lower sexual dysfunction.)

This could be because Maca contains flavonoids.

It Balances Hormones

Maca is a natural adaptogen that can help the body adapt naturally to external stressors.

One of Maca’s many adaptogenic functions is its ability to balance hormones when your body is under or over-producing them.

A 2006 study published in the International Biomedical Science Journal found that organic Maca is particularly beneficial to early postmenopausal women. The study concluded that Maca had balanced hormone levels and relieved symptoms of menopausal discomfort, including hot flashes and night sweating.

It Provides a Boost of Energy

Maca is a popular supplement to athletes and bodybuilders because it is believed to increase athletic endurance and performance.

Few clinical studies have been conducted, but legend has it that Incan soldiers are carrying Maca to battle for strength and endurance. Even our maca farmer admits that he eats Maca because of the energizing effects of playing soccer!

Eurycoma Longifolia is a tall, thin evergreen shrub-tree usually located in Southeast Asia. Malaysian men declare that tea made from this plant increases their sexual ability and virility. As a result, the plant is in higher demand than sex tablets, that it is now considered a “protected” species.

Eurycoma Longifolia is deemed better than sex tablets.

Eurycoma Longifolia root and bark are commonly used orally to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sexual desire, treat male infertility, and enhance athletic performance. Some research recommends the use of Eurycoma Longifolia for sexual pleasure and male infertility. 

How Does It Work?

The root of Eurycoma Longifolia contains several chemicals that have different effects on the body. Some of the chemicals seem to affect how the body produces the testosterone hormone. Research in animals and humans suggests that testosterone may increase in the body.

For hundreds of years, folk wellness myths have been using Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as Malaysian ginseng, Longjack, and Pasak Bumi, to enhance male sexual performance, increase muscle strength, and increase stress resistance. 

Throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar / Burma, the leaves, roots, and bark of the Eurycoma Longifolia tree are made into a tea prized for its ability to encourage young libido. The plant has gained prominence in the West over the last few years. This is used to develop a strong, happy attitude, improved athletic performance, and a balanced sex drive.

Eurycoma Longifolia supplies peptides or amino acid chains that tend to control the rate at which testosterone is released, restores and retains stable testosterone levels. When it works to preserve ideal testosterone, the herb also exercises adaptogenic behavior that tends to decrease the expression of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. These biological activities combine to promote a relaxed and energized mind-body state that is ideally suited to sexual desire, success, motivation, and endurance.

Eurycoma Longifolia Benefit Over Sex Tablets

Tongkat Ali is very beneficial to both men and women. Aside from being a safer alternative to sex tablets, here are some of its other benefits:

Anecdotally, Eurycoma Longifolia was used as an aphrodisiac. Studies display beneficial effects and relatively high potency compared to other herbs. Two studies show increased libido in men in the range of 8.4 to 8.7%.

Tongkat Ali May Increase Testosterone 

Several studies have shown that Eurycoma Longifolia boosted the testosterone levels of the subjects in the research.

It May Help With Stress

One study showed positive effects on the improvement of the stress hormone ratio. The subjective stress rating was improved in the same study after taking Eurycoma Longifolia supplements for about 2-4 weeks. 

Eurycoma Longifolia Can Boost Fertility

A 9-month analysis of 75 males shows that supplementation of Eurycoma Longifolia improved semen volume, sperm motility, consistency, and sperm concentration. Further analysis of men 30 – 55 showed similar findings.

Eurycoma Longifolia Can Improve Sexual Health

Two studies have shown that supplementation with Eurycoma Longifolia has increased libido, improved erectile function, and improved overall male sexual performance.

Eurycoma Longifolia May Also Enhance Muscle Strength

A 5-week pilot study shows that Eurycoma Longifolia supplements increased muscle strength in both men and women.

Combine this benefit with the weight loss benefit, and you’ve got a powerful supplement.

Eurycoma Longifolia can also improve muscle strength

Athletes seeking a calm mind and improved physical performance may also benefit from long-term biological activities; the herb is associated with muscle strength and stamina. Studies also indicate that the herb contains quassinoids or natural plant compounds that exhibit inflammation-modulating and immune-suppressive effects.

Eurycoma Longifolia Supplements

Supplements like Laki Coffee, are derived from the Eurycoma Longifolia tree root, which is cultivated in Malaysia and other regions of Southeast Asia. The Eurycoma Longifolia supplement is available in different forms, including tablets, powders, capsules, and drinks. The herb may be combined with other herbs such as Panax Ginseng, Maca extracts, and natural compounds in sexual performance-oriented and sports nutritional formulations. Since the herb is natural, it is deemed safer to consume than sex pills. 


A lot of men are experiencing a decrease in testosterone and other hormones. This disorder is often referred to as andropause. Andropause is manifested by symptoms such as a reduction in sexual response, energy deficiency, increased body fat volume, and mental lethargy.

Andropause can be a challenge for many people because it can be incredibly painful when the body doesn’t work as well as it used to.

How can tongkat ali give you stronger erections?

While there are other treatments available to boost your testosterone and give you stronger erections, they may have significant side effects and come at a high cost. That is why I agree that going natural is the only way forward.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a medicinal herb native to rainforests in Malaysia. It is also primarily cultivated in the jungles of some Southeast Asian nations, such as Indonesia and Thailand.

This has many other local names, including Pasak Bumi, Tung Saw, and even herbal viagra, thanks to its well-known ability to give you stronger erections.

Giving You Stronger Erections

Like a lot of exotic plants, Tongkat Ali is typical in conventional medicine because its primary use has been to promote healthy libido and boost hormone levels in males. Tongkat Ali root has historically been used as an aphrodisiac treatment for age-related sexual problems and symptoms of andropause.

This is due to root-containing compounds that have repeatedly been shown to stimulate libido and improve semen quality and muscle development.

Such findings have also been generally linked to elevated testosterone, which means that they can make sexual encounters easier.

The primary advantage relates to the improvement of men’s libido, erections, and fertility. Some of the sexual health benefits that come from this potent herb often appear to help alleviate sex tension and anxiety.

Tongkat Ali and Testosterone

Tongkat Ali root has been used to boost testosterone levels for a very long time. It is attributed to chemical compounds that have been shown to increase testosterone levels in studies.

Increased testosterone has a variety of knock-on effects on sexual health, muscle development, and semen production.

In reality, a Malaysian study was conducted in 2012, which included 76 people with deficient testosterone levels – an average of about 35%. Nonetheless, after a monthly consultation with Tongkat Ali, this figure increased dramatically to 90 percent.

Tongkat Ali for Male Fertility 

Further studies have shown that Tongkat Ali also helps increase sperm production, and therefore helps to treat male fertility problems.

This is due to a 2010 study that found changes in sperm quality among 75 people. These men earned 200 mg of Tongkat Ali every day for three months. Results showed that sperm quality improved dramatically, and 15 percent of participants registered spontaneous pregnancy following treatment.

Increased Libido

Tongkat Ali is best known and used for its aphrodisiac qualities. This has been used in South East Asia to help resolve reduced rates of libido. More recently, several mainly animal studies have shown that desire increases its ability.

Fat Loss

Tongkat Ali is a joint natural supplement among weightlifters and bodybuilders who aim to improve their muscle-fat ratio. However, one doesn’t need to be a serious athlete to benefit from the possible improvement of the body composition offered by Tongkat Ali.

Thanks to the increased testosterone that Tongkat Ali provides to your body, it can also help you lose weight and lean body weight. It would have a far more significant impact if you workout daily.

Bone Health

Do you know that having low testosterone levels will increase the risk of developing frail and fragile bones?

It is known as osteoporosis. Nevertheless, the potent herb has the potential to increase testosterone levels. It makes it a useful tool in the fight against osteoporosis and helps to preserve bone strength.

If you’re trying to keep sexual activity in bed for as long as you could, you’re not alone. A lot of people are looking for ways to increase sex drive in men. This may include improving existing problems or finding new ways to keep your partner happy.

There are a lot of male enhancement pills on the market, but there are a lot of simple ways to stay firmer and last longer without having to visit the pharmacy.

Remember that your penis is working thanks to your blood pressure, so make sure your circulatory system is in top shape.  Suffice it to say, what is good for your heart is also good for your sexual health.

Keep reading and find other easy ways to increase sex drive in men.

Stay Active

Aside from drinking Tongkat Ali coffee, cardiovascular exercise is one of the most dependable ways to improve your health. Sex may increase your heart rate, but regular exercise can help your sexual performance by keeping your heart in shape.

Thirty minutes per day of sweat-breaking workouts, such as running and swimming, can do wonders to boost your libido.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Some foods, like Tongkat Ali coffee, can also help you increase the flow of blood. They include:

Garlic and onions. These foods may not be best for your breath, but they may help your blood circulation.

Bananas. This potassium-rich fruit could help lower your blood pressure, which can benefit your important sexual parts and boost your sexual performance.

Chilies and peppers. All-natural spicy foods help the blood flow by reducing inflammation and hypertension.

Eat Meat 

Here are some more foods that could help you improve your blood flow:

Omega 3 fatty acids. This type of fat increases the flow of blood. It can be found in salmon, tuna, avocados, and olive oil.

Vitamin B-1, please. This vitamin helps the nervous system’s signals move faster, including signals from your brain to your penis. It is found in pork, peanuts, and kidney beans.

Eggs. High in other B vitamins, eggs help to balance hormone levels. This can reduce stress, which often inhibits an erection.

Reduce Stress

Stress may affect all areas of your health, including the libido.

Stress increases the heart rate (in a bad way), and your blood pressure increases. Both of these are harmful to sexual desire and performance. Psychological stress may also affect the achievement of an erection or an orgasm.

Tongkat Ali can improve men's sex drive.

Exercise is an excellent way to lessen your stress and improve your health. Talking to your partner about stress can also calm you down while at the same time strengthening your relationship.

Stress could also trigger bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, which may harm your sexual performance.

Eliminate Bad Habits

What you need to unwind or loosen up, like smoking and drinking alcohol, may also influence sexual performance.

While research suggests that a little red wine can improve circulation, too much alcohol may have adverse effects.

Stimulants narrow blood vessels and have been associated with impotence. Cutting or quitting smoking is one of the initial steps to enhance performance.

Substituting bad habits with healthy ones, such as exercise and eating well, can help improve sexual health.

Get Some Sun

Sunlight stops melatonin production by the body. This hormone helps us to sleep, but it also silences our sexual urges. Less melatonin is the potential for more sexual desire.

Getting out and letting sunlight hit your skin can help you wake up your sex drive, especially during the winter months when your body produces more melatonin.

Masturbate to Improve Longevity

If you do not last as long as you want in bed, you might need some practice. While sex is the best way to practice sex, masturbation can also help you improve your longevity.

Masturbation can also increase sex drive.

However, how you masturbate might have harmful effects. If you rush through it, you might inadvertently reduce the time you last with your partner. 


Active adults, particularly men, are looking for healthier ways to increase testosterone levels to improve libido, increase lean weight, and enhance athletic performance. Alternative medicine continues to grow as an effective means of achieving these goals, as well as male enhancement.

Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is a medicinal plant that has been shown to increase male enhancement, testosterone, and other health benefits.

Studies have shown that testosterone supplementation is useful for fat loss, muscle strength, and improved sexual function. However, prescribed and even over-the-counter testosterone supplements may have adverse health effects partly due to abuse by athletes and bodybuilders.

What Tongkat Ali can do for the body.

If you are one of those elderly men who feel the impact of age on their sexual performance, it’s time for you to try Tongkat Ali for sexual health. Originally found as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack in the rainforests of Malaysia, Tongkat Ali or Longjack is the name of the plant used to enhance the sexual health of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Why Use Tongkat Ali?

One of the most common causes of men losing their libido overage is a decrease in testosterone formation in the body. While testosterone replacement therapy is available these days, looking at costs and possible side effects, not many males prefer to opt for it to improve their sexual health. In such a situation, one could easily use Tongkat Ali for sexual health enhancement. This natural herb is found to be a great booster of testosterone levels in the body while being used in coffee drinks, like Laki Coffee. It also contains testosterone-boosting ingredients such as Panax ginseng and Maca extracts. It is all-natural, so it is scientifically-proven safe and effective. 

Tongkat Ali can also boost stamina.

In addition to this, regular supplementation with Tongkat Ali has enormously positive effects on semen volumes, enhancing erectile functionality as well as libido boosts. The hormonal support provided by Tongkat Ali also helps to improve male fertility. It not only increases sperm mobility but also improves sperm quality and sperm concentration.

Enhances your sexual health and is also commonly present in bodybuilding / anti-aging growth hormone supplements.

Tongkat Ali vs. Sex Pills

Suppose you have chosen Tongkat Ali for sexual health enhancement over other conventional modes such as Dapoxetine or other longer-lasting pills. In that case, you may have taken the smartest move possible. As regular consumption of this, the all-natural herb will improve the overall ejaculation process and help you get better in sex.

Using this powerful natural herb reduces the refractory period to a large degree, which means that after one performance, you would be up for another at a shorter distance. This would be possible as Tongkat Ali gives you tougher erections, more firepower, and an excellent libido.

There is a belief that the regular use of Tongkat Ali also increases the strength of the penis and testicles. Why would you want to spend hundreds of dollars on those penis enlargement pills and pumps when you get a natural process to increase your manhood’s size to the awe of your partner as you pull the zips down?

It Impacts General Health As Well

While people use Tongkat Ali for sexual health enhancement, the general belief is that there are many general health benefits of using this natural herb, the most important of which is the optimization of testosterone levels. It’s known to help with fat loss and building muscles that make you a healthier person. You would certainly recognize that a fit person would do more on the bed than a man who is obese and unfit.


Hormone imbalance is common to a lot of women nowadays. Exposure to toxins that show estrogen-like effects – and a lot of them – can trigger off-the-clock production of a woman’s hormone. Common symptoms include fatigue, slow metabolism, low libido, and brain fog. Herbalists and traditional medicine believers have long used Tongkat Ali, commonly known as Longjack, to address these issues. Modern research has established its status as a health-promoting herb with hormone balancing benefits

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Used for centuries to promote women’s health, Tongkat Ali remains foreign to most people. Luckily, a great deal of research is shedding new light on the benefits of the herb, particularly for women. Here are just a few of Tongkat Ali benefits for females:

Helps Balance Hormones

Hormones dictate metabolism, and imbalances almost always lead to undesired weight gain. Many of us might have come to accept that a certain level of fatigue and weight gain is a normal part of aging, but that does not have to be the case. Often, the reason we’re gaining weight is simply that we’re exposed to environmental toxins that mess with our natural hormonal balance. One of Tongkat Ali benefits for females is that it may help reduce weight gain by stabilizing hormones.

One of the tonkat ali benefits for women is that it balances hormones.

Women make about one-seventh the amount of testosterone every day that men do. After menopause or ovarian removal, the production of testosterone is further reduced. Estrogen replacement therapy may also lead to decreased testosterone production, leading some postmenopausal women to go to their physicians with concerns about having lesser energy and lower libido.

When testosterone levels in the blood rise in testosterone-deficient women, bone density normally improves, and women generally feel better.

If testosterone levels are increased through Tongkat Ali, the prolactin levels will drop automatically. When prolactin levels are kept low, there are distinct effects of dopamine, especially libido.

The appetite for food is suppressed, and sex appetite is pronounced. Most dietary medicines work by enhancing dopamine and norepinephrine, and therefore by suppressing food appetite.

The benefit is that the typical side effects of direct norepinephrine and dopaminergic stimulation are avoided. Actually, one doesn’t feel like one has “taken something.”

But it is not only through testosterone-dopamine-appetizer control that Tongkat Ali helps with weight loss. Proper testosterone tone also promotes anabolic metabolism. This means a tendency to burn fat and build muscle instead.

And last but not least, Tongkat Ali will effect subtle lifestyle changes that promote weight loss. Increased sexual activity and elevated exercise or athletic performance.

Boosts Energy

When the body does not produce adequate hormones or haywire production has gone, it can often result in low energy levels. Since Tongkat is an excellent tool for balancing hormones, it has the additional effect of balancing energy and metabolism. Increased power may also help to support endurance during exercise, link Tongkat back to weight loss and maintenance.

Natural Libido Booster

Tongkat Ali is a natural libido booster.

No matter your gender, boosting testosterone can be a useful way to increase sexual flame and desire. Folklore says that Tongkat Ali helps increase the sensitivity of a woman’s erogenous zones and further enhances her libido-enhancing properties. Although research has shown that the herb promotes libido in male rats, researchers believe that these effects can also be replicated in females.

Promotes Skeletal Health

Low testosterone levels increase one’s chance of developing osteoporosis, a debilitating disease characterized by weak, fragile bones. While vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium all play a role in bone health, maintaining hormonal balance is key to regulating the body’s health as a whole. Because Tongkat improves the serum concentration of testosterone, it is considered that the herb may be a useful adjunct to developing and maintaining superior bone health. 

Mood Support

A study has shown that Tongkat Ali reduces cortisol, our primary stress hormone. Cortisol is created in response to stress and is also a major contributor to stress-related weight gain. In clinical studies, Tongkat reduces fear, anger, and confusion. The herb can also reduce the effects of daily stress associated with diet, loss of sleep, and even exercise. Improved memory is also linked to the addition of Tongkat Ali.

Encourages Normal Sugar in the Blood

Maintaining proper blood sugar levels through exercise and diet is one of the best defenses against type II diabetes. Research has confirmed that Tongkat Ali can make a contribution to this effort. 

Lessening refined carbohydrates in the diet, enhancing exercise, quality sleep, and exposure to sunlight are constructive ways to maintain a balanced level of blood sugar.

Anti-aging properties are one of the most interesting aspects of modern medicine. Can they truly keep your stamina up as they so often promise? Longjack extract is one such medicine, as research suggests that it may boost libido, energy, weight loss, and even stamina. It’s even treated as a supplement for reduced energy and libido in older individuals and it is a preferred alternative to sex tablets. But keep in mind that a supplement by itself cannot thoroughly treat or cure any disease or health condition on its own. Instead, the extract’s natural properties may help support the natural processes in the body to improve health potentially.

What’s Longjack Extract?

Longjack extract is known for several other names. Its scientific name is Eurycoma longifolia, but it is also called tongkat ali, pasak bumi and Malaysian ginseng. All of these plants are native to Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore, just to name a few. But just how can one identify longjack from other members of its family? Longjack looks  like a little palm tree, with green two-foot-long fronds sprouting from a single stem.

Testosterone for Fertility & Energy

Some studies have shown that longjack extract could enhance sperm quality in male patients with fertility issues. Based on animal researches, longjack extract may likewise reverse the inhibitory effects that estrogen could have on testosterone production. This means that testosterone levels may increase naturally as a result. Moreover, other studies have proven that longjack extract may be able to increase muscle strength and stamina in both men and women.

Longjack extracts can help improve fertility.

Sometimes people may associate testosterone deficiency with a condition called “andropause,” characterized by a decrease in testosterone, theoretically similar to menopause. However, this is not necessarily correct. Unlike menopause, which is a natural result of aging, testosterone deficiency comes with unpleasant symptoms and may require treatment. Testosterone is important not just for maintaining sex drive and muscle mass, but also maintaining physical and mental energy. A few symptoms of testosterone deficiency are reduced libido, trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection, loss of muscle mass, and difficulty concentrating.

How Does Longjack Affect Testosterone?

So if testosterone is so essential in improving fertility issues, then how can longjack extract help achieve this? According to research, it has three main mechanisms that may affect testosterone. First, longjack extract stimulates luteinizing hormone (LH), which then stimulates testosterone. Second, sex hormone-binding globulins—which tightly bind sex hormones such as estrogen, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and testosterone—decrease. Finally, aromatization—the process by which testosterone is converted into estrogen—is reduced, balancing sex hormone levels in the body.

Why Try Longjack Extract?

Longjack extract has several potential health benefits, mostly because it is a natural medicine whose strength comes from its root. As mentioned previously, it can possibly increase testosterone, though researchers are still conducting studies to support its potential benefits. The extract has also been used for centuries as a supplement to possibly improve fertility and sex drive in both male and female patients.

How to Use Longjack Extracts

So the question is: how effective is it really? Does it have any side effects to be aware of? Again, patients must be aware that any natural supplement, no matter its strength or potency, does not aim to treat, prevent, or cure any disease, illness, or medical condition. Make sure to consult with a healthcare provider before adding longjack or any supplement to your health routine.

As a dietary supplement, the recommended dosage for longjack extract (tongkat ali) powder is 80 mg twice a day with meals, or as directed by a physician. As for the taste, longjack is a real herb that contains quassinoids that gives it a bitter flavor. The extract is not exactly as bitter as the longjack root itself, luckily, although it may still have a slightly bitter taste.

While testosterone production progressively declines after age 30, other factors further reduce usable testosterone and negatively affect our health. By understanding and treating them, we can reduce our biological age as compared to our chronological age. Usual symptoms of low testosterone include low libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, muscle mass loss, depression, pessimism, irritability, fatigue, poor memory, sleep problems and higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, enlargement of the prostate and cancer, osteoporosis and senile dementia.

Does Tongkat Ali increase testosterone? Its long-standing traditional use as an aphrodisiac does not permit a pharmaceutical patenting of its effects on male sexual function. Despite this, Tongkat Ali’s research has shown strong laboratory and clinical evidence of efficacy in the enhancement of free testosterone in older men and safety at normally prescribed doses. Tongkat Ali is indeed Malaysia’s national treasure and a tribute to the ethnobotanical knowledge of its traditional healers.

Laki Coffee can help increase testosterone.

Tongkat Ali is perhaps the simplest and most effective herbal testosterone medicinal plant currently available.

It is unusually suitable for slowing down or reversing the so-called male andropause that occurs in middle age and is beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders looking for a natural supplement without side-effects.

If I Have High Blood Pressure, Can I Still Take Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali will not increase high blood pressure as it has a mild antihypertensive vasodilatory effect. One of the reasons Tongkat Ali is helpful for erectile dysfunction is because it helps the vasodilation of penile circulation as verified in scientific research. This same effect has been studied recently in Malaysia on reducing hypertension. The compound responsible was separated, and the researchers remarked that “this subfraction is expected to develop into an antihypertensive treatment that would be able to maintain or improve erectile function in hypertensive patients.”

How Much Should I Take to Get the Best Results with Tongkat Ali?

The recommended amount of Tongkat Ali increases with age and is also based on the underlying hormonal deficiency. As such, the dose of 65 years of age will have to be increased from that of 35 years of age. Taking this into account, you may be experimenting to find a dose that feels right for you. 

If Tongkat Ali Increases My Testosterone, Would It Make Me Aggressive?

With the question, ‘Does Tongkat Ali increase testosterone?’ also comes another question if the increase in this hormone would make one aggressive. On the contrary, Tongkat Ali actually lessens aggressiveness and promotes a sense of calm and trust. This anxiety-relieving effect was also demonstrated in animal studies in which test rats showed a lessened tendency to fight and performed better (enhanced motor skills) in tests designed to replicate anxiety and stress. Tongkat Ali does not have any testosterone in itself, as it acts only as a precursor to induce the body to supply more of its own testosterone, and this also includes improving the usable or free “good” testosterone within normal physiological parameters. In this way, we are still ourselves, just ourselves on a more virile and energetic day particularly suited to androgen activities such as fitness and sex or bodybuilding.

Conversely, some bodybuilders who inject large doses of synthetic testosterone hormone actually reduce their own body production and may experience extended aggression as well as hair loss, decreased testicular size, acne outbreaks and heart problems, among other issues.

Does Tongkat Ali Have Any Side Effects?

Our Tongkat Ali product, Laki Coffee, taken at the recommended amount, is highly tolerated and free of toxicity. Tongkat Ali has a substantial safety margin and is generally considered safe. A boost in metabolic body heat (thermogenesis) after taking Tongkat Ali may occur, and an increase in water intake is recommended. Tongkat Ali is not contraindicated for people with high blood pressure and diabetes. Our Laki Coffee has been developed to support male hormonal health and antioxidant protection against damage caused by free radicals.

Eurycoma longifolia or Tongkat Ali is a tree indigenous to South-East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The root of the tree bears compounds called quassinoids and alkaloids. It is the component of the tree that is medicinally used. Tongkat Ali is normally consumed in dietary supplements, tea, coffee drinks, or energy drinks.

Other monikers for tongkat ali include Eurycoma longifolia Jack, longjack, wonod mondou. payung ali, Malaysian ginseng, tung saw, and umpudumaidu.

Applications for Tongkat Ali

In alternative medicine, best quality Tongkat Ali is used for increasing testosterone levels, promoting muscle strength, and addressing several conditions: erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, fatigue, and stress.

Tongkat Ali can improve your testosterone levels.

Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido

Tongkat Ali is often referred to as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. There is some preliminary evidence that this may help. For example, a small study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that twelve weeks of supplementation of the product containing Eurycoma longifolia extract and Polygonum minus (antioxidant) helped enhance erectile function and sexual performance.

Another study, also published in Evidence-Based Alternative and Complementary Medicine, suggests that Tongkat Ali extract may help in the treatment of low libido and erectile function. Involving 109 males between 30 and 55 years of age, the study found that the extract may increase sexual libido, erectile function,  sperm motility, and semen volume. Loss of fat mass was also noted in those who were overweight.

Building Muscle

Tongkat Ali may increase muscle mass and strength due to its alleged effects on testosterone levels. It is often used to boost physical performance, physical strength, and facilitate fat loss. In an introductory study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers found that 100 mg/day of Eurycoma longifolia extract increased muscle mass and strength in men participating in an intensive strength training program for five weeks alone.

Best quality Tongkat Ali may also help increase muscle strength in older adults, according to a pilot study published in Phytotherapy Research in 2014. In a study, 13 males and 12 females aged between 57 and 72 took 400 mg of Tongkat Ali to be extracted daily for five weeks. After the research, Tongkat Ali was found to have increased free and total testosterone levels and muscle strength.

However, a 2010 study involving male recreation athletes found that 150 mg/day for seven days before endurance run (plus an hour before a run) did not improve endurance compared to placebo.


Tongkat Ali is promising in the treatment of infertility, according to a preliminary study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2010. Researchers discovered that 200 mg/day of men’s supplementation with Eurycoma longifolia for 3 to 9 months resulted in higher semen volume, sperm concentrations, percentage of normal sperm morphology, and sperm motility, and resulted in unexpected pregnancy in 11 of the participants’ partners after treatment.


Some research suggests that Tongkat Ali can help relieve stress. The research available includes a small study published in the Journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition. Researchers evaluated stress hormones and mood conditions in 63 people before and after taking a Tongkat Ali supplement for four weeks. They found significant improvements in mood conditions of tension, confusion, and anger, as well as decreased salivary cortisol and increased testosterone in those taking Tongkat Ali extract.

Late-Onset Hypogonadism

According to a study published in Andrologia, Tongkat Ali may improve symptoms of late-onset hypogonadism. In the study, 76 people with late-onset hypogonadism received 200 mg of standardized Tongkat Ali extract for one month. Results suggested that the Tongkat Ali extract improved scores on the Aging Male Symptoms scale and testosterone levels.

The demand for health supplements is a growing trend. With many products on the market and the different benefits they offer, some of them make very broad statements. Testosterone boosters are a particularly competitive market sector. The question is, do they actually work? How do I consume Tongkat Ali for testosterone booster? Are there products that can increase men’s testosterone levels? And if yes, then what would I get from taking testosterone boosters? What good would it do me?

The production of natural testosterone decreases as we age. We don’t mean ‘get old’ by age! Testosterone production in men may begin to decline quite rapidly around the age of 30 and beyond. The result is significantly reduced sex drive and sexual performance. Many men take boosters to build muscle mass, as testosterone is also active in this area, and to help them workout more efficiently.

Tongkat ali is a form of testosterone booster.

To know whether a testosterone booster will do the job it claims to do, you need to look at the ingredients. There are two known to help increase testosterone levels – zinc and magnesium – that you should see in any great product; and many claims are made for selenium as well.

Moreover, numerous natural plant extracts claim to increase testosterone production significantly. One of these is Tongkat Ali, which you may not have heard of, but there are several scientific studies to back it up. Let us take an in-depth look at what it is and what it claims to do.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a plant found in Thailand and Malaysia. It has been used as an aphrodisiac in that part of the world for a long time. Typically, the plant extract is used to increase sperm count and is also said to aid muscle strength, weight loss, and enhance libido. Given that all of these are associated with testosterone levels, it is no surprise that they have found their way into testosterone boosters.

Does Tongkat Ali for testosterone booster work? Animal studies have shown that Tongkat Ali helps to improve sperm quality and has an impact on hormonal levels overall. Studies have also been conducted on human subjects.

Clinical Studies

In one clinical trial, a group of 12 men aged between 40 and 65 years received 200 mg of Tongkat Ali extract daily along with an antioxidant for 12 weeks. The results indicate that all subjects described a ‘general feeling of well-being’ as well as improved sexual performance and increased testosterone production. No side-effects have been recorded.

In some other trials, a group of 63 people – male and female – who reported mild levels of stress received the same 200 mg dose for four weeks. In this example, testosterone levels have been found to increase, while stress hormone – cortisone – has decreased in output.

Nevertheless, conflicting results have been found in other studies – it has been shown that sexual performance has improved significantly in subjects taking Tongkat Ali extract, but not so much has improved with regards to their testosterone level. 

What is clear, however, is that Tongkat Ali is a natural extract that has been utilised in Eastern medicine for centuries and that it may help some users to experience better sexual performance and higher levels of testosterone, and helps lessen stress.

Choosing a Testosterone Booster

If you are looking for a testosterone booster, you have a lot of alternatives to choose from. There is no denying that Tongkat Ali is an ingredient that you really should consider, but be sure you do so alongside more essential components such as zinc – which has been proven to help – and magnesium. Also, always read the instructions of the manufacturer when taking any nutritional supplement for testosterone.